Elementary Greek Reading by Mr. James Kwong – GRK101

This eight-week class will introduce the student to Koine Greek, the original language of the New Testament.  Students will gain a new perspective in biblical study through exposure to Greek vocabulary and grammar basics in order to read the week’s selected Bible passage(s).  Suggested weekly homework time: 30 – 45 minutes reviewing vocabulary words.  No previous language study or textbook required.

God’s Glory in Exile: The Book of Ezekiel by Dr. Randy Furushima – OT026

What is God’s message to His people in Exile? How does He reveal Himself to a people whose lives have been changed forever because of their rebellion against God? We will focus on the meaning of the message given to the prophet Ezekiel (“whom God makes strong”) through his visions and actions that are filled with vivid literary images. Ezekiel’s extraordinary imagination and gift of allegory will ultimately reveal a message of hope and restoration that is significant to our lives today.

The Gospel of Mark: Christology & Discipleship by Pastor Todd Capen – NT003

Who do you perceive yourself to be and who is Jesus? These two questions will frame an exciting study in Mark’s Gospel. Participants will see the teaching and miracles of Jesus through the lens of what the disciples saw. Participants will be provided a guide to the course content. This course offers the hope of a richer understanding of the kingdom, which was the central message of Jesus.

The 100 Great Events of the Pentateuch by Mr. Gary Lau – BTS350

You’ve read about the people, places, and events: Abraham, Noah, and Moses; Canaan, Egypt, and the wilderness; the Flood, the Exodus, and the wanderings…but how do they all fit together? Learn the 100 great events of the Pentateuch to understand the grand storyline from Genesis to Deuteronomy, the geography of the land, and how the events point to Jesus Christ.

Who Is Jesus? by Dr. Matt Sanders – BTS301

This course will look at what the Bible tells us about who Jesus is. How can He be all God and all man? What did He accomplish in taking on flesh, living among us, dying for us, and rising from the dead? We will study the biblical foundation for some of the church’s most important beliefs.