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Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) has approved Bible Institute of Hawai‘i to offer course work leading to Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for ACSI Certification in the area of biblical studies.

Bring a Friend

At Bible Institute of Hawaii we really value friendship and there’s no better way to study than by studying with a friend.  It helps with encouragement, taking notes, cheaper on gasoline, and just a whole lot of fun.  To make it even more fun we offer a discount!  Here’s how it works.  For the majority of our classes we want to encourage you to Bring a friend and when you do we will take 50% off each of your Administrative Fees.  So, if the administrative fee is $50 then its 50% off which would make the class $25 each rather than $100.  All you do then is submit $50 and we’ll also need two (2) completed registration forms.  When we receive all three items we process accordingly.  If you want to do this online you must follow very carefully the following instruction.

Select to add “instructions to merchant” to include your friend’s contact information (name, address, phone and/or email).

And two final notes.  First, the Bring a Friend discount does not apply to text book(s) nor costs for notebooks. Second, please keep in mind that we don’t offer this for every course, but when we do, please take advantage of it.