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Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) has approved Bible Institute of Hawai‘i to offer course work leading to Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for ACSI Certification in the area of biblical studies.

SPRING Quarter 2019 Course/Seminar Registration

April 3, 2019 - May 29, 2019

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Differing Start Dates

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NT003 The Gospel of Luke: The Least (OCCC class)

Pastor Rodney Wong

This Gospel renders a unique perspective of Jesus’ ministry. Amidst the backdrop of a vast Roman Empire exists the “invisible” or “lost” of society. The shepherds, the lepers, the Good Samaritan, the women, the tax collectors, and sinners all emerge with special focus in this Gospel. Our proclamation of the Good News, in Jesus’ own stated words, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10).

This course is for inmates at the O’ahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC). They rely on your generous sponsorships to cover student costs. Your registration(s) will count as a tax-free donation. Feel free to sponsor more than one person.

Administrative Fee: $35.00
Tuesdays, 6:00 – 8:00 pm 
April 9 - May 28, 2019
O’ahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC)
2199 Kamehameha Highway, Honolulu


Certificate in Biblical Studies Program CBS: Gospels

NT006 Epistle to the Romans

Dr. Bong Ro

This class will explore Paul’s letter to the churches in Rome. Highlighting great doctrinal themes, this course will cover the topics of sin, justification, sanctification, righteousness, church community, and transformation.

Administrative Fee: $40.00
Tuesdays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm 
April 9 - May 28, 2019
Korean Christian Church
1832 Liliha St., Honolulu


Certificate in Biblical Studies Program CBS: NT-Letters

OT003 Leviticus: God in Search of Us

Dr. Randy Furushima

What if the result of studying Leviticus is that in future years every time we read Leviticus we see powerful truths about God and ourselves that will profoundly affect the way we think and live? What if we see how Jesus is exalted in Leviticus? Leviticus demonstrates how important holiness is to God. Holiness is the main theme of Leviticus— God’s holiness and the holiness God expects from His people. Holiness is still important to God, and God reminds His people of that crucial fact in the book of Leviticus.

Administrative Fee: $40.00
Tuesdays, 6:30– 8:30 pm (Multipurpose Rm.) 
April 9 - May 14, 2019
First Chinese Church of Christ
1054 S King St., Honolulu


Certificate in Biblical Studies Program CBS: OT-History

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NT200 Seven Last Words of Christ

Dr. Randy Furushima

When Jesus died on the cross to bring redemption and salvation to humanity, it was a deep expression of His love for us. While on the cross, and even before, He was scorned, mocked, and nailed to the cross, suffering anindescribable end. While on the cross, Jesus spoke seven times. Seven times while on the cross he expressed his inner thoughts. These are known as the Last Seven Words of Jesus on the Cross. We will examine each of the seven expressions and look at what it means to our faith.

Administrative Fee: $35.00
Wednesdays, 12—1 pm 
April 10 - May 22, 2019
First Hawaiian Center (26th fl. Conference Rms.)
999 Bishop St., Honolulu
(No parking validation available)


OT120 Experiencing God in the Psalms

Dr. Martha Stinton

The Psalms are "highways of the heart," Spirit-inspired songs designed to lead us into God's presence. They speak deeply into every situation in our lives, from our greatest joys to our deepest pain.  Join us as we learn to experience God in profound ways through these amazing songs.

Administrative Fee: $40.00
Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm 
April 3 - May 15, 2019
Makiki Christian Church (Older Adults Ministry Rm.)
829 Pensacola St., Honolulu


Certificate in Biblical Studies Program CBS: OT-Poetic Literature

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BI202 How We Got the Bible and How to Study It

Dr. Matt Sanders

This course will provide an introduction to how the Bible was composed, preserved, and translated. It will also teach the basics of studying the Bible including the importance of context and original languages as well as how to use study tools like commentaries and Bible dictionaries.

Administrative Fee: $40.00
Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:30 pm(except 4/18 & 5/2; 8 weeks) 
April 4 - June 6, 2019
Waialae Baptist Church
1047 21st Avenue, Honolulu


Certificate in Biblical Studies Program CBS: Skills

BST101 The 100 Great Events of the Bible

Mr. Gary Lau

You’ve read about the people, places, and events: Deborah, Paul, and Abraham; Assyria, Egypt, and Israel; Passover, Missionary Journeys, and the Exile…but how do they all fit together? Learn the 100 great events of the Bible to understand the grand storyline from Genesis to Revelation, the geography of the Bible land, as well as how all of the 66 books of the Bible fit together. Workbook fee: $10 (purchased in class)

Administrative Fee: $40.00
Thursdays, 6:30– 8:30 pm 
April 4 - May 23, 2019
The Salvation Army Kroc Center
91-3257 Kualaka’I Parkway, Ewa Beach


Certificate in Biblical Studies Program CBS: Bible Overview

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