Networking Local Ministries

The Bible Institute of Hawaii networks with the following local ministries to strengthen and broaden the reach of biblical teaching in the Islands. Our Certificate in Biblical Studies (CBS) program award credit hours to students who attend these ministry’s Seminars.

Just Show Up

JSU gatherings can help you get through the entire Bible as well as faith-shaping books from beginning to end in a meaningful setting and without glossing over the words. JSU can be done in person or online. However or wherever you meet, long-form listening in community is a time honored way of learning and an act of remembrance. It spiritually forms and informs us and leads us to wisdom.

Hawaiian Island Ministries

HIM exists to equip, unify, and encourage Christian leaders across denominational, racial, cultural and generational differences. Our vehicles for getting there are seminars and conferences held in Hawaii. This means equipping pastors and church leaders, and also teachers, parents, youth, business leaders and community volunteers. We don’t need high profile positions to lead. We just need to use what God has given us where we are.

Evidence and Answers

Evidence and Answers is a Christian Apologetics Ministry led by Dr. Patrick Zukeran. Evidence and Answers provides compelling messages from top apologetic scholars defending the Christian worldview and valuable resources for every person seeking answers to life’s questions and key issues of our time as well as equipping Christians who want to effectively engage their world for Christ.  They regularly minister through a daily international broadcast radio ministry, scholarly resources, and apologetic seminars.

Allec & Belle Waterhouse Lecture Series

Through Mr. Waterhouse’s generosity, the Lecture Series is designed to provide high quality, life-changing events that are both biblical and relevant in meeting the spiritual needs of the people of Hawai’i. In meeting this objective as well as the mandate of the trust, the Lecture Series seeks to find topics, speakers, forums and formats that will be cross-denominational and reach out to those who have never heard the Word of God or who desire to be stronger witnesses of God’s love and saving grace. Their events have covered a wide range of topics including the workplace, church, marriages, parenting, youth, and apologetics.