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We are blessed with many agencies in Hawaii, from Aloha United Way to Youth Outreach.  Click here for a list of agencies and phone numbers. Hawaii Agency

The BIH Library

We have a small but very good library of about 2,000 books ranging from Bible Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Commentaries and Devotional books.  We also have some video series too.  Come visit and check it out!

We also accept books for donation to our library.


Creative Ideas for Lively Bible Studies: DVD and Workbook Set (OUT OF STOCK) The three DVDs in this complete set contains six hours of video recorded live in Ada Lum’s class. Together with the accompanying workbooks, this set is an excellent study tool for Sunday school classes and small groups.
Disk 1
Study 1 Calling Out Your Creativity (first half)
Study 1 Calling Out Your Creativity (second half)
Study 2 Basic Bible Study (first half)
Study 2 Basic Bible Study (second half)
Disk 2
Study 3 Basic Bible Study – Part II (first half)
Study 3 Basic Bible Study – Part II (second half)
Study 4 Swedish Method (first half)
Study 4 Swedish Method (second half)
Disk 3
Study 5 Talk Back Live, Head-Heart-Hands
Study 6 Honest to God, Choose Your Face
Study 7 Mimes and His Story, Those Boring
Genealogies, Mini Ideas for Group Participation

Hawai`i Local Pick-Up

Creative Ideas for Lively Bible Studies $12.50 each (tax included):
Includes the 3-DVD series and two 36- page workbooks. (OUT OF STOCK)

Additional workbooks are available for $1.00 each (OUT OF STOCK)

US States & Territories Only

Creative Ideas for Lively Bible Studies $19.50 each (tax / domestic shipping / handling included):
Includes the 3-DVD series and two 36- page workbooks. (OUT OF STOCK)

Please call 808-595-4700 for additional workbooks.


Reaching Out to the Broken Hearted by Dr. Rebecca Sanchez Ovitt

In her book, she shares her experiences of helping the divorced, widowed, and separated who had attended her support group classes under BIH for over twenty-eight years. She also shares how God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and promises of peace and joy will bring wholeness to the body, mind, and spirit and furthermore how his continuing presence guides, comforts, and strengthens the journey toward reaching emotional healing. Release date: December 2015.

This book will be of great help to those who are in crisis due to a loss of a loved one either through divorce, death, or separation.

Each book costs $14.99 and BIH gets 10% for every book sold. Free shipping. Order now by e-mailing Ruby at [email protected]

Opening Doors by Ada Lum

Ada Lum’s book, “Opening Doors” is on sale and you can pick up copies from the BIH office on 2345 Nuuanu Ave. Please feel free to call (595.4700) and enquire how to get one or more copies. This book promises to be a great read not only for yourself but also for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to your friends and family. Price $12.99 plus tax.

Edited by Ada Lum and published by White Mountain Castle Publishing (Danny Yamashiro), the frank and deeply moving stories of the 17 testimonies touched and the lessons shared by each of them will resonate with each of us on our own journey. Enjoy!

To purchase a copy of this book by cash or check, please call our office. For credit card purchase, select one of the buttons below: Purchase the book and pick it up at the BIH office OR have it shipped to your home. Questions? Contact us!

Hawai`i Local Pick-Up

“Opening Doors” $13.60 each (tax included)

US States & Territories Only

“Opening Doors” $17.50 each (tax / domestic shipping / handling $3.90 included)

My Journey of Healing from Cancer by Dr. Rebecca Sanchez Ovitt

Listed as #2 in The Honolulu Advertiser’s nonfiction section, Rebecca Sanchez Ovitt’s book, “My Journey of Healing from Cancer” is a must read.  A dull pain at work.  Emergency surgery.  The verdict: ovarian cancer — the aggressive type.  How did she cope?  In her stirring book, My Journey of Healing from Cancer, Ovitt shares how her faith carried her through her incredible battle with cancer.

It is a poignant and inspiring tale of how she embraced God’s love, peace, mercy, and grace as she accepted her diagnosis, fought off the side effects of chemotherapy treatments and faced courageously yet another major surgery due to spreading infection.  My Journey of Healing from Cancer will strengthen the faith, deepen the hope, and lighten the hearts of those who are fighting cancer.

If you want to get a copy please email “Ruby” directly and she can let you know how to buy one! [email protected]

Centered Spirituality: A Handbook of Catechesis for the Training of Novices in the Way of Christ by Joel Elles

Practice daily transformation! Do you desperately desire to become more like Jesus? Are you ready to be radically transformed into his likeness? Is that even possible?!? First-time author, Joel Elies, makes the outrageous claim that Jesus actually expects his followers to be like their Teacher… if they are fully trained. So where does this training come from?

Christ-Centered Spirituality is an intense, no-holds-barred workout regimen of spiritual exercises designed to bring the novice disciple into daily apprenticeship to the risen Christ. It will unearth for you long-lost methods and measures from the Puritans, the Medieval Mystics, the Desert Fathers, and many other forgotten corners of the historic Christian tradition. If you crave Christlikeness, combine the inner instrumentality of the Spirit with these meditations, disciplines, and annoyingly practical instructions in a vessel of clay. The Living God is longing to fashion a masterpiece in you– a piece of the Master!

$ 18.95, plus shipping and handling.

To order on Amazon, click here.